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Bob Malmström recommendations 2012

Cheeri-o mates. We've played with a shitload of bands from near and far on our voyages to the known and unknown. Sometimes it's a local band that we haven't heard before, sometimes it's one of the big one's we get to warm up.

Nevertheless there have been those that caress your ear drums like champagne caresses your taste buds. We decided to dig in to the vaults and take a look at some of the finer moments.

Here's the deal:

Disease of the Nation

Ah. These well behaving young Finns kick up a storm, don't they? Yes they fuckin' do! Their impeccable eye for fashion in clothes is only matched by their unmercifully deaf ear for fashion in music. In an old Finnish "I'll kill you just to hate myself more" - manner Disease of the Nation construct songs that don't give a fuck. This is intense in the true meaning of the word. Globally intense, lads. -OP

Recommended: Killers of the Death

Merciless Terror

Enjoying the thrash of yesteryears? If not, die. Otherwise I got news for you... These incredible British geezers kicked it up a notch with their brand of deathy thrash. Like a breath of putrid fumes! This comes straight from the cellars. Straight from gutters, swamps and out-of-gas vans. True and brilliant! -OP

Recommended: Shattered Existence

Final Assault

The FA lads are good friends of ours and musically we are relatives. Their take is closer to oldschool crossover than ours and it's impregnated with zombies. Mein Gott im Himmel what a combination. If you're possessed to skate, you're possessed by Final Assault. So grease up your shaft and let's go zombie hunting! - CJ

Recommended: Wave of Blood


The best punk band in Finland. No questions asked! -CA

Recommended: Toivon että Timo T.A. Mikkosen suku ei enää lisäänny

Cut to Fit

Who needs a bass player anyway? Cut To Fit from Lahti, Finland is one of the most hard working bands in Finland and they'll grind you apart any given day. This strange combination of three guys makes you wonder what just happened after you have seen them live. Has shared the stage with Bob several times in Lahti and in Helsinki. New album out later in 2012. -CA

Recommended: Palavaa paskaa


Rytmihäiriö has been around since 1988, and since day one they have written their metal-ridden hard core songs, depicting stories of decadent alcoholics and their daily lives. Song titles like "Varastettujen viinojen kirous" (Stolen liquor curse) and "Lupa tappaa humalassa" (License to kill when drunk) pretty much sum it up. We have had the pleasure of teaming up with these exhilarating gentlemen on stage a couple of times with Bob Malmström and a couple of times with other projects.

PS. You might find their singer somewhere in the booklet of our debut EP "Vi är bättre än ni". -WW

Recommended: Koska Saatana sanoo niin

Ghoul Patrol

Do you want to know what groove is? Then check out the debut album. This band has got the most gay setlists in the universe (seriously, have a look at one during a show) and consume more booze than all of you together, but damn they know how to play. If there is any justice on this planet, this band will tour with Entombed one day. -CA

Recommended: Ghoul Patrol on Spotify

The Enchained

One of the first band to ask Bob to play with them. The challenge of getting up on stage during the same night as The Enchained is enourmous. This band just rips you apart live. Their vocalist Saku must have a set of extra lungs since his screaming never stops. Makes Raised Fists new album sound like Partridge Family. Are still in the middle of their debut album, which we are sure is going to be a future hc-classic in Finland. -CA

Recommended: The Enchained on MySpace


We haven't played with Ahma, so it's actually a travesty that I put it on the list, BUT Arthur von Heideman of Ahma has played a gig with us on guitars, so I guess it counts. Well, the pick may be plausible, or not, but the reason it made the list is nonetheless valid. This is a solid piece of in your face death'n'roll, spiced up with a good dose of what-the-fuck. -CJ

Recommended: Killing Stubborn

Profane Omen

Well first of all, these guys are dickheads. They suck so hard, that they could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Or was it some other band? Can't remember... Anyway, this song is a golden brick hitting your head at high velocity. If you won't fall for the chorus, there's something wrong with you. This is also one of the tightest live bands in Finland. If you like to see action and not shoegazing, I recommend to go and see one of their shows. - CJ

Recommended: Wastehead


We had the pleasure to team up with these guys (and gal) for their album release tour in 2010 for four gigs. The music opens up more and more with time, but this specific song is an instant hit. Eve (the keyboardist) whips up keyboard passages that really deliver and prettyboy Tommy hits a homerun on vocals. Check 'em out, you won't be sorry. - CJ

Recommended: Of Immortal Aeons


We had the delight to meet Gummi and the rest of Sólstafir during Metalheim festival in 2010. Carolus was familiar with them before the gigs, but the rest of us were blown away with the intensity the guys delivered live. Especially when Köld came, it was all goosebumps and chills down your spine. The pick however falls to the recently released Fjara, which is an incredible piece of fragile, melancholic beauty. It's what makes grown men cry. - CJ

Recommended: Fjara


Stam1na stands at the very forefront of metal in finnish, and have recently released their 5th album, "Nocebo". The new album, produced by Joe Barresi, continues where "Viimeinen Atlantis" left off. Technical, melodic, insightful and challenging (at least for themselves to play live) are adjectives used time and again about these lads, and totally rightfully at that. For the time being, we are most acquainted with their bassplayer Kaikka (through Disease of the Nation), but looking forward to getting to know even the rest of them better with our coming joint efforts. -WW

Recommended: Valtiaan uudet vaateet


Finntroll show all other folk-metal bands how things should be done. After numerous vocalist (and other) changes they are now stronger then ever, pounding their blackish-folkish-polka-metal into heathen ears around the world. We have had the honour of having Vreth guesting vocals on numerous live occasions, as well as on the album itself. A big thank you to him, and a carneval-of-a-song to you! -WW

Recommended: Under Bergets Rot

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