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Bob Malmström

Bob Malmström, the one and only, the true originators and crowned kings of borgarcore.

The band was founded in early 2010 as a reaction against the standard, worn out "against the system" leftist punk mentality. It doesn't have to be about how poor you are and how much you hate the system. It can be about how life is good if you think the RIGHT way.

We're proud to be here making money and showing you the good side of life. Let the Dom Perignon rain, the pretty girls dance in your laps, the fast cars be run by you instead of over you and the stock exchange swing in your favor.

Bob Malmström is about change, a change for the better. A change for a bourgeois tomorrow that smiles upon all who have a reason to smile. Let's make money! Let's celebrate! Let's Bob Malmström!

Carl Johan Langenskiöld - Bass

Carolus Aminoff - Vocals

Olof Palmén - Guitars

Wilhelm Wahlroos - Drums