Success stories

"Anssi just saw my tail-lights flash, as I raced into the night and left him standing in the rain. I'd be sorry for him, if I wasn't a CEO. CEO's don't have time to feel sorry. But CEO's have time to say thanks to my comrades in Bob Malmström. Cheers!"
- Stephen Elop

"When I chose Bob Malmström as my partner, I made the smartest decision of my career. My public image has been sharpened and polished and the amount of positive feedback has multiplied by ten. Bob has been irreplacable in public relations and marketing communication."
- Nalle Wahlroos

"Our online marketing campaign on was the right marketing channel for us. Our brand value has been strengthened and the sales of the R8 has risen with 600% during the campaign. This has been by far our most successful venture in online advertising" - Audi Finland

"I saw Bob Malmström live and it was a life altering experience. The intensity of their message got me thinking and I suddenly relaized how business should be done. In the 4 month period after the show I've managed to increase the revenue of my business threefold." - Jorma Ollila

"Without Bob Malmström I wouldn't be where I am - See you at the next Bilderberg conference!" - Olli Rehn

"If I only would have chosen Bob Malmström as my partner in the last presidential campaign, I would be president and not only a stupid chairman - Damn that leftist dyke!"
- Sauli Niinistö

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