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News - 2011 - III


Hey ho Spector

Carl Johan Langenskiöld inked a deal with Spector basses and Musamaailma. Therefore, it is with pride, that we encourage you to empty your wallets at the Musamaailma counter. Consume, buy, be happy! We are.

In other news, we've met with our executive buddies at Spinefarm and nailed down all the details on our debut album. The release date is set and all the bourgeois engineers, producers, sommeliers and chefs have been chosen. It is a fine crew we have and we expect to produce top quality for top dollar. Without a doubt this will be the album of the year.

Oh yes, and we played a surprise gig at the midsummer eve festivities. It was most of all an surprise to us. Nevertheless we produced a spectacular show.

Skål!- Bob Malmström


Champagne and Strawberries

Cheeri-o fellow Bobsters! The last gig of the Election-tour is done. Now it's time for us to kick off our shoes, lean back in our Aniline Leather chairs and enjoy some fine His Majesty’s Reserves with a sip of Máximo Extra Añejo. Perfect. Brilliant. Extravagant. Flamboyant.

Well, we're not gonna be resting for too long. Next up is lighting up the power rods and beating down some demo tunes on track. These will come in handy for the recordings of our debut album, which according to rumours (from reliable sources), will be released during the fall of 2011.

We're probably going to shake up things a little bit on video too, but more of that later.

P.S. There's probably going to be some one-off gigs during the summer, so check back for more information on these!

Skål! - Bob Malmström

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