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China, here we come!

That’s right! Bob Malmström will join the finnish metalheads of Nauzea and Coprolith + the very, very special guest for the tour, our dear friends Driller from Poland. This caravan will embark on a month of metal all across China with 16 shows.

The current tour plan looks as follows:

24.5 - Beijing - 13Club
25.5 - Shijiazhuang - Underground Velvet Club
26.5 - Tianjin - 13Club
28.5 - Langfang - Rock Bar
31.5 - Baotou - Kunzi Bar
1.6 - Huhehaote - Ning Livehouse
3.6 - Shanghai - Yuyintang
4.6 - Nanking - Gubao Bar
5.6 - Hangzhou - 9 Ball Bar
7.6 - Xian - Monkey Livehouse
8.6 - Lanzhou - Kui Livehouse
10.6 - Chongqing - Jiangguo Bar
11.6 - Chengdu - Xiaojiouguan
13.6 - Tianshui - Juji Bar
15.6 - Zhengzhou - 7 Livehouse
16.6 - Beijing - Marku Livehouse

Changes to the tour may still occur.

So, if - for some reason - You happen to be around, come and say hi, and we’ll see if we can’t find some champagne to keep our thirsts quenched even in the eastern most parts of the world!

So, without further ado, China - break out the champagne!

- Bob Malmström



Bob Malmström, Vol II!

Mina damer och herrar, we've got ourselves an album. The last vocals, choirs, spoken words and other silly things were recorded during the night between saturday and sunday. This album has got everything! Everything.

We will reveal the tracklist, the album title, the album cover + the gigs for the spring 2013 within a few weeks.

The year of the Bob has begun! Allt med stil i allt vi gör!

- Bob Malmström


Tala svenskare eller dö!

We are happy to announce that Bob Malmström will enter the studio this week to record their second album together with Jonas Blomqvist and our old friend Mathias Lillmåns. What have we got going on? Well, take the best bits of "Tala svenska eller dö" and add some "Ixnay on the hombre", "Surf Nicaragua" and "Transilvanian Hunger". The forthcoming masterpiece will be released later this spring

- Bob Malmström


England pt II

Ahoy there mates

Things are going really good at the moment.

First of all, Nalle Wahlroos, our mentor and light at the end of the tunnel, is nominated for a Tieto-Finlandia award for his book "Markkinat ja demokratia". Expect nothing more than a landslide victory.

We have recorded demo versions of almost twenty new Malmström-tracks and are currently rehearsing the new material. Stay tuned for news regarding out 2nd album really soon.

The year 2012 has been great for us and it will end in a glorious way. We're doing four shows in England and ending the year in our home base, Karis.

The final shows for 2012:
22.11 London, The Bird's Nest GBR
23.11 Leeds, The Packhorse Pub GBR
24.11 Nottingham, Old Angel GBR
24.11 Nottingham, Soan GBR
08.12 Karjaa, Pub Norris FIN

- Bob Malmström


No news - Good news? Any news?

As you might have noticed, the news activity has dropped significantly on the site. The truth is we've actually increased the number of stories, but they are mostly told through facebook. I suggest you like us on fb to stay tuned with the latest twists and turns.

There's plenty of interesting things happening and most of the fun stuff can be found on our wall.

Head to the media section to read reports from the road and don't forget to check out the digilisko.com store for Bob merchandise!

- Bob Malmström


1 - 2 - 3 - Go!

We're proud to announce that Uwe Boll will to support us in Viljandi, Estonia. Unfortunately, at the same time we're pulling the plug for the Slovakian gig in Kosice. We're sorry Slovakia for this devastating blow to your beautiful and potent nation, but we're having problems getting the information we need and thus cannot take the risk to drive all the way to Kosice. Hopefully we can make it up for you at a later point.

Buckle up your seatbelts, the carnival is about to be unleashed!

- B.O.B.


Hey ho, let's sail!

A week to the Finnish Vappu, which traditionally has been a festivity for the blue collar. Nowadays it is as well a festivity for the champagne drinking class and thus we shall raise our chrystal chalices and sing like there's no tomorrow. The tomorrow will however come and for us it is a much bigger source of amusement than the odrinary hangover. We're heading to Europe. Ha!

There's a ton of joy heading your way with this Finnish carnival, so I suggest you buckle up and tag along for the ride. The dates have already been announced and we'd like to add Rubiin, Viljandi as the tour's last gig AND Klex, Greifswald in Germany as the opening gig!

In Berlin Nattaravnur will join us on stage and in Poland our good friends in Driller and Szpadel jump on the circus. We're gonna let you know more when the ship horn sounds in the port.

By the way, if you're a resident of Pori you might just have ran into an article about us in Satakunnan Kansa. Good times.

One final thing in this plethora of news - last saturday's gig in Lepakkomies was the last club show in Finland for a long time. However, see you on the summer festivals and at the local marina!

Also, a big thank you to Finnlines for helping us get to Germany on their line to Rostock!

- B.O.B.



Finnish metal new-comers Bob Malmström and Disease of the Nation will join forces on a European tour in the beginning of May 2012. The ”Finnish Metal Carnival 2012” tour consists of nine shows in Central and Eastern Europe. The dates are as following:

03.05. TBA GER
04.05. Blackland, Berlin GER
05.05. Jazz Rock Café, Cheb CZE
07.05. Kosice, SVK
08.05. U Bazyla, Poznan POL
09.05. Rock Cafe, Gdansk POL
10.05. Carpenter, Olsztyn POL
11.05. Fontaine Palace, Liepaja LAT
12.05. TBA

Bob Malmström is the one and true messenger of Borgarcore. The combination of punk, hardcore and metal mixed with classy outfits will make you want to dive into the famous cashpit and just go crazy. Bob Malmström released their debut album last autumn and they've done dozens of live shows in Finland, and also visited in the UK and Eastern Europe. Watch ”Eliten” here!

Disease of the Nation is a weirdo in the Finnish metal scene. Their debut album ”The Rudum” is a combination of death metal, punk, hardcore, black metal and exotic beats spiced with melodies and aggressive vocal variations. The band has been cooling off from their last year's album release tour and is very exited to play live again and kick the shit out of the stages with their energic shows! Watch ”Killers of the Death” here!

Welcome to the Carnival!

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