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News - 2012- I


Getting shit done

Some time off the road has paid off and the tracks for the next record are starting to form. The stuff is all killer, no filler. Speaking of killers and fillers, our polish friends Driller are coming to Finland in less than a month. That's something you don't want to miss out on.

Before that we're playing two gigs with the fantastic Stam1na, who just released their new record, Nocebo. Come and meet us 24.2. at Klubi, Turku or 3.3. at Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki.

Over & out!- Bob Malmström


A whole lotta BOB goin' on

There's a whole lot going on all the time and the website is not at the moment the easiest way to fire away blazing news. If you want to stay up-to-date on date, we'd suggest you take a look at the facebook page.

There are some interesting shows coming up this week with Spinefeast at the Sea and the Vaasa gig coming up. Olof can not join us to Vaasa, but instead we have with us we have Aki from Lähdön Aika, Ahma and Souldump.

There's still time to vote for us in the Finnish Metal Awards and Femmagaala award ceremonies. Links are on the right, of course.

Those of you with Holmesian talent have probably seen that our gig calendar is rather empty. There is a reason for that. We're taking some time off the road to write our next album! But you'll se us again in late march, in April and especially in May. We'll let you know more later on.

Skål! - Bob Malmström


Tuska & Spinefeast

Bob Malmström is proud to present the 2 first official shows for 2012: Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 29.6.-1.7. and the Spinefeast at sea 2012 cruise 19.1.-20.1.

More info on respective event as we go along!

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival
Spinefeast at sea 2012

- Bob Malmström


Bonne journée, appreciators of the fine life.

Mark the 7th of December in your calendars, for it will be a day to remember. Our music video for the track Eliten will be premiered before our gig at Lepakkomies. You are all solemnly invited to join our ranks. The video has been crafted by the Eva Lingon société. Hats off and a modest golf applause!

Remeber to catch us on the road with our friends in Disease of the Nation, Skulldriver, Lähdön Aika and Unborn Generation. The dates can be found on the shows-page. First up is Kotka this incoming saturday and from there on we spin around the country with tremendous vigor.

Heads up UK, a fine dose of upper class brilliance is heading your way in December.

P.S. If you see Mr. Langenskiöld's hat somewhere, please contact your local Bob Malmström field office.

- Bob Malmström


Tala svenska eller dö!

The debut album is out. Sail away to your local record store and buy it. If they don't have it, shower them with cash and tell them to get it. If you're lazy, head to Recordshop X and get it!

If you're excited to meet us in person, we strongly recommend that you come to the the Radio Rock party at On the Rocks 22.10.2011, where we also will celebrate the record release. The rest of this fall's tour can be located in the gigs section. We're very happy to hit the road again and see all of you fantastic people!

Toodles! - Le Bob's

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