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News - 2011 - IV


Sail ahoy!

Dear brothers and sisters. Soon we are reaching the peak of fortune. Only a couple of obstacles lie ahead. In other words, the record is mastered and we only have the cover- and sleeve art for the album cover left to do, before you can start pre-ordering the album of the millennia! 12th of October is the official release date and we will let you know when you can order the album form Recordshop X.

For fast paced inserts and news, check out the Bob Malmström facebook-page.

P.S. Don't miss out on the opportunity to hear the new songs before they are released on our upcoming gigs with Cut to Fit and Absolutist next week!

- Bob Malmström


33 bottles of Dom Pérignon later...

Bob Malmström's debut album has been recorded successfully at Studio 33 in Kuopio during the past 2 weeks. A huge thanks goes to everybody involved. We still have some guest vocals + some bourgeois choir tracks to record before Sir Michael Heurlin will start mixing the album.

We are also happy to announce the two first gigs in Finland where you will have the first opportunity to hear some brand new Bob tracks. 13.9 at Bar Loose in Helsinki and 14.9 at Torvi in Lahti. A larger tour will be announced in september.

Over and out!

- Bob Malmström


33 bottles of Dom Pérignon on the wall!

We're happy to announce that Bob Malmström will be entering Studio 33 in Kuopio the 17th of July to record our debut album together with our loyal producer Peter af Sverigenheim.

Håll kusten ren, håll kusten finlandssvensk!

- Bob Malmström


Baltic abundance!

Top of the evening, fellow connoisseurs of all that is expensive and exquisite! At the end of August, we will be heading for a week-long concert roundabout through the Baltic countries, starting off from Poland.

6 shows in 6 cities, tables sagging under the weight of the finest cuisine and beverages, we will bring forth the message of bourgeois hard core to our brothers and sisters in these fine countries!

With us on this expedition of excellence we bring Profane Omen, a well trained pack of hounds for your entertainment!

Show dates / countries:

  • 29.08.2011 - POL
  • 30.08.2011 - RUS
  • 31.08.2011 - LIT
  • 01.09.2011 - LAT
  • 02.09.2011 - EST
  • 03.09.2011 - EST
For more detailed info, see the shows-section ». Hope to see You all along the way!

Na zdrowie!  за здоровье!  I sveikata!  Prieka!  Terviseks! - Bob Malmström

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