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News - 2011 - II


Glad såsom fågeln

Bob Malmström has inked a deal with Spinefarm Records, a part of Universal. This means, that we are labelmates with Munamies and Martina Aitolehto in Finland and Miley Cyrus and Tokio Hotel internationally. Brilliant! A fine family we are proud to be a part of. Miley, you are welcome to visit us any time!

Spinefarm have been looking to find a potential act in the ever growing international borgarcore scene and as the pioneers of this fine genre, we were a natural choice to sign. Label Manager Theodor af Finlandsheim played a big part in this necessity. We are happy to begin this joint venture with Theodor, Alec, Tuula and the rest of the Spine gang.

As the Valborg is at hand, here are some inspiring words for the occasion written by Herman Sätherberg:

"Glad såsom fågeln i morgonstunden
hälsar jag våren i friska naturn,
Lärkan mig svarar och trasten i lunden,
Ärlan på åkern och orren i fur'n

Se, hur de silvrade bäckarna små
Hoppa och slå,
Hoppa och slå
Vänliga armar kring tuvor och stenar!
Se, hur det spritter i buskar och grenar
Av liv och av dans,
Av liv och av dans
I den härliga vårsolens glans!"

Skål! - Bob Malmström


Välj Malmström has been released!

The 1st of April was a beautiful day for mankind - the official release date of the "Välj Malmström" single. We celebrated like there's no tomorrow with Genitaalinärpes and Koljosen Tiekiista and now we will continue our quest throughout the coastal areas of Finland. Beware Helsingfors, beware Karis, beware Pargas, beware Mariehamn! We're taking a short sidestep to Lahti too, but that's a different case; spreading civilized culture amongst the wild hordes of barbarians that make up Päijät-Häme.

In other news, the elections are closing in and we need your support. Stop the madness that modern politics is and do a deed that actually will serve you and us well. Vote for Bob Malmström instead of the lying, hypocrite, self indulgent backstabbing mass that make up the field of modern politics. Vote for something real, vote for Bob Malmström. It's as easy as the ABC's. Just write down nr.1 Bob Malmström on your election ticket and take a step towards a better tomorrow. Your support won't go unnoticed.

P.S. Vote for Bob!


Finnish Metal Awards

Bob Malmström was voted the second best underground act of the year at the FMA and we thank all our friends and fans for the help. Silver is of course, as we all know, the color of failure. Now we must swallow this degrading defeat and continue towards more successful ventures. We are very sorry that we could not do better and promise to keep fighting until we are unquestionably the best in the world. The best you ask, the best at what? Everything. We will be best at everything.




We're back from the studio and it was amazing. The gold clad Mesa stacks, the fully loaded wine cellar, the Simberg's on the walls... It was just overwhelming. In such surroundings it was pure ecstasy to lay down the tracks for our forthcoming single, Välj Malmström, scheduled for release April 1st 2011.

Wilhelm, Carl Johan, Carolus and Olof played with frets and drumheads on fire. Additionally Birger von Mattheiszen (Cavus) and Julius af Näfver (Profane Omen, Enemy of the Sun) borrowed their voices to complete this sonic journey. Peter af Sverigenheim was once again our Evangelista of the sound and he sculpted it to perfection.

Now, the waiting begins. Have fun, fellow appreciators of the fine life.


From the road to Perkele!

Hear ye, hear ye friends of the fine life. We have been touring this country back and forth like raving maniacs. We have met a bunch of amazing individuals and played the hell out of a bunch of venues. Now we have a 26 day break from the road, so of course we're optimizing our time and heading to the studio.

We are going to record three pieces of true cult borgarcore at Studio Perkele with our friend Peter af Sverigenheim. The single is going to be released April 1st. We're going to hit the road before that, so some lucky borgarists have the possibility to claim their piece of happiness before the official release! Oh the joy and the glorious times lying ahead.

Furthermore, we're soon announcing the follow-up tour for our forthcoming masterpiece. You will have the opportunity to follow us up and down the coast, as well as some stints to the inner parts of our fine country. For those who simply cannot wait, you have the possibility to hook up with us in Kouvola on Febrary 26th. Skål!

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