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News - 2011 - I


More shows & FMA 2010!

We will be heading on a number of shows in the beginning of next year supporting MyGrain, who recently released their 3rd album. We will be playing in (at least) Helsinki, Tampere, Kokkola and Kouvola. Also, the dates for our upcoming Estonia shows have been postponed a bit. See up-to-date information on all shows on the Shows-page

PS. Don't forget to vote for Bob Malmström as the underground Act of the year in the Finnish Metal Awards 2011!


Pampas über alles!

Pampas treated us well and showed us a good time, but even more importantly we showed Pampas one hell of a time. Our guest guitarist Lars-Erik Kuhlefelt performed admirably and our hosts Neglected Fear along with Metaphor proved to be charming and loveable small men and women. One could almost refer to them as hobbits. What a strange and surprising part of the world it is. A big thank you goes to our very own Michael Jackson (not the dead singer, but the dead beer connoisseur), Patrik Willför af Gyllenbögel for providing us with Samuel Adams Utopias throughout the entire trip. Cheers Kristian Högnäs-Jägerhorn too for letting us reside in your grandeous mansion. We shall return!

On other notes, be sure to attend our forthcoming gig at Lepakkomies, Helsinki 15.12.2010 with the marvellous Kiljuvelka-70 and I Lied. Even further, please remember your pioneers in quality borgarcore at the Finnish Metal Awards by voting for us as the Underground Act of the year. Stay strong, live long and prosper.

Bob out.


More guest stars!

Our guitarist, Olof Palmén, will unfortunately not be present during our tour in the North due to his business trip to the moon, which he is going to purchase. But have no fear, our old friend Lars-Erik Kuhlefelt ( from Coprolith & Skulldriver ) will handle the guitars during all four gigs. Hail Kuhlefelt!

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