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News - 2010 - III


Porvoo heavy metal weekend treat!

Bengt-Daniel Cronehielm (Finntroll) and Birger Von Mattheiszen (Cavus) will get up on stage with us for the second time to spread the message and enjoy the privileged life of Bob Malmström - be there on saturday 16.10. at 21:30 sharp!


New song online

Past the 10 gig milestone, feeling fine! To celebrate this, we've posted a previously unreleased song, "Kött e gött" on Hitlantis! Go listen to it, and give us a thumbs up!


Bob Malmström on the radio

Various members of Bob Malmström have been interviewed by various radio shows & channels. Find the interviews on the web from the following places:

  • Radio Noise
    "Oikea asenne" radio show w/ Carolus Aminoff & Carl Johan Langenskiöld (swedish)

  • Sisuradio - Part 1 & Part 2
    "Finska Pinnar" interview w/ Carolus Aminoff (finnish)

  • Radio Vega
    "Kulturtimmen" interview with Carolus Aminoff (swedish)


Pre-order "Vi är bättre än ni"

You can now pre-order the debut-EP "Vi är bättre än ni" for a measley price of 5€ (incl. shipping)! Just send an e-mail to borgarcore (at) gmail.com, and we'll do the rest!

If you missed Carolus' appearance on 'Robban' on monday, you can find the show online here for some 30 days. A re-run will also be aired on FST5 on Saturday 11.9. at 19.50. Be sure to check it out!

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