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News - 2010 - II


Bob Malmström @ Mikseri.net

Bob Malmström's Mikseri.net-profile is online, with a featured new track, "Eliten" - Get your ass there, listen and comment! www.mikseri.net/bobmalmstrom »


Carolus' TV appearance &
EP status update

As announced earlier, Bob Malmström's vocal connoisseur Carolus Aminoff will be making an appearance in the talk-show "Robban". The episode airs on monday 6.9.2010 at 21:00 on YLE FST5, with a re-run on saturday 11.9.2010 at 19:50. More info about the show can be found here.

Bob Malmström's debut EP "Vi är bättre än ni" booklet design is in progress, and then it's off to the cd-printworks. We aim to have the EP ready for the beginning of the "Vi är bättre än den här turnén 2010"-tour, so be sure to grab your own when you see us on tour!

The track listing for the EP features the following 6 instant borgarcore classics:

  1. Lever ni hellre i mörkret (1:35)
  2. Eliten (2:49)
  3. Kött e gött (1:54)
  4. Krigsmaskineriet (1:56)
  5. Över mitt lik (2:15)
  6. Gröna e bruna (1:49)
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Song online & Metalheim festival announced

Here's your first ever chance at listening to recorded Bob Malmström - just use the audio player at the top left. The song is the closing track "Gröna e Bruna" from the forthcoming EP "Vi är bättre än ni", which is being mastered to perfection as we speak. Treehuggers beware: lyrics to "Gröna e bruna".

Secondly, Bob Malmström has been dealt the honour of joining some of Finland's (and a couple foreign ones as well) greatest Metal acts in the first ever Metalheim Festival taking place in Helsinki and Oulu on the 1st and 2nd of October - Read more (in finnish) »

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