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6 songs recorded + 6 shows booked

During the previously announced dates (July 13th & 14th), Bob Malmström has been laying down 6 tracks of bourgeois hardcore gold under the fatherly surveillance of Peter af Sverigenheim. Post-production will take place in the near future, and www.bobmalmstrom.com will publish selected clips as soon as possible, so keep checking back. A big "Hurra!" goes out to everyone who participated in the making of our debut - either by recording, providing materials or simply hanging around. You know who you are!

On a second note, Bob Malmström has been booked for 6 shows in the coming fall - so far. Four shows are published and the two still missing will be made public as soon as the time is ripe. So: support your local bourgeois hardcore scene and come see us live!


Scheduled for studio!

The long overdue debut EP by Bob Malmström is finally going to see the light of day. El Bobo has booked Studio Perkele for 13-14 of July to record six songs of pure borgarcore sweetness. All hail king Bobo!


Carolus Aminoff to be featured on TV!

Last week the singer and spokesperson of Bob Malmström, Carolus Aminoff, was interviewed by Robert Aschberg on culture for a new talk show. The episode will be aired in September 2010, and we will keep you posted so you don't miss what is going to be the media event of the century!

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